When we combine the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with human knowledge and experience, it sets the stage for transformative growth of unprecedented scale.

Tommy Vater

EY Americas Financial Services, Data & Generative AI Strategy Manager

Data-driven problem solver. Maker. Cyclist. Skier.

Tommy is a manager in the Financial Services Office (FSO) AI & Data practice. Tommy has more than six years of proven experience providing data strategy programs and enterprise-wide technology/process changes for multinational and regional financial institutions.

Tommy has led engagements focused on generative AI (GenAI), data strategy, data architecture, data privacy, data governance and regulatory reporting.

Tommy earned his BS in Finance from Wake Forest University.

How Tommy is building a better working world

I’m building a better working world by assisting my clients in navigating complex challenges, which allows for the transformative use of their data throughout their organizations. I’m also aiding teams in developing a robust foundation of data governance and protection, a factor that builds the necessary trust for using data to its fullest potential.

Tommy's latest thinking

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