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Vaida Lapinskiene

EY Asia-Pacific Accounting Compliance & Reporting Leader

Passionate about efficient and effective finance and accounting organization. Will move from professional bookkeeping to professional beekeeping, one day in the future.

Vaida is the EY Asia-Pacific Accounting Compliance & Reporting Leader.

In her current role, Vaida runs global and regional managed services contracts in the space of finance and accounting. 

Prior to her current role, Vaida set up and grew EY’s Global Compliance & Reporting services across 22 countries in Central and Southeast Europe.

Vaida holds an MBA from Vilnius University, specializing in Audit and Accounting.


How Vaida is building a better working world 


“I lead the Accounting Compliance & Reporting teams in EY Asia-Pacific, and my personal goal is to make sure that we provide EY clients full visibility and control over their finances, access to the efficient and effective delivery model, supported by the most advanced technology solutions available in today’s world to help our EY clients to make well-grounded business decisions.”

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