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What entrepreneurs need to know about raising capital today

Speaking from their own experiences, members of the Entrepreneurs Council offer strategies to help entrepreneurs raise capital with confidence.

Q: How can a founder determine whether it would be better to take on debt or give up equity in the business to gain access to capital through angel investors, venture capital, private equity, a family office, etc.?

Q: How does a founder protect his/her interests when considering a significant capital infusion or partial sale?

Q: What is your best advice for raising capital and prioritizing potential investors in this economic environment?

Key takeaways: Navigating capital raising as an entrepreneur

Raising capital is a significant milestone for many entrepreneurs, but determining when and how to do so is vitally important. The investment landscape has shifted, moving from a focus on growth at all costs to increased emphasis on profitability. Entrepreneurs must adapt to this new reality, while also determining which type of fundraising best fits their ambitions and company culture. They also need to develop trust and transparency with investors so they can convey their vision and value proposition effectively — and successfully.

The Entrepreneurs Council provides diverse perspectives and advice to guide entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of raising capital.

The views reflected in this article are the views of the individual entrepreneurs and do not necessarily reflect the views of Ernst & Young LLP or other members of the global EY organization.

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