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Where can wealth managers find opportunity when assets are in flux?

Increased asset movement creates opportunities for wealth managers to grow while preparing for clients’ evolving strategies.

By Mike Lee 24 Apr 2023 Wealth and asset management

When wealth management clients want to switch, will you be their first choice?

One-third of clients plan to switch wealth management providers over the next three years. What can firms do about it?

By Nalika Nanayakkara 16 Apr 2019 Wealth and asset management

Social investing: behavioral insights for the modern wealth manager

The new era of social investing represents both a key opportunity and a key challenge for modern wealth managers.

By Nalika Nanayakkara 2 Jul 2021 Financial Services
Case Study

How wealth managers transform service models efficiently

EY helped a global wealth manager create innovative services and initiate a digital transformation to support its client-first ambition.

By Thierry Groues 2 Jul 2021 Financial Services EMEIA
Jun Li

Name:Jun Li

Job Title:EY Americas Wealth & Asset Management Co-leader
Mike Lee

Name:Mike Lee

Job Title:EY Global Wealth & Asset Management Leader
Paul Clark

Name:Paul Clark

Job Title:EY Global Managing Partner – Managed Services
Mike Lo Parrino

Name:Mike Lo Parrino

Job Title:EY Americas Financial Services Organization Private Equity Leader

Where will wealth take clients next?

Wealth managers must use deeper, richer insights to provide clients with more holistic, tailored and meaningful experiences.

By Nalika Nanayakkara 22 Apr 2021 Wealth Research Report

How to better connect with women investors

As women’s wealth and income increase globally, there’s an opportunity for wealth managers to better understand this powerful demographic.

By Nalika Nanayakkara 28 Oct 2020 Wealth and asset management

How to transform wealth management through digital technology

Firms must keep pace with changing technology by building digital capabilities and transforming their organizations for the digital age.

By EY Americas 26 Apr 2019 Wealth and asset management
Case Study

How a modern CRM platform can help transform a firm’s business model

An end-to-end transformation of a wealth management company’s CRM platform is creating powerful tools to provide hyper-personalization.

By Paul Kelly 14 Jun 2021 Wealth and asset management
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