EY Supply Chain Intelligence Platform: Supply Chain Management

Helps C-suite leaders to make quick and informed decisions, leading to a more efficient supply chain.

This cloud-based platform provides insights into critical data across the supply chain, including planning, procurement, logistics, and global trade and tax, by leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

Improved supply chain optimization

Optimize inventory, product flow, and supplier management, leading to cost savings and improved service levels.

Enhanced supply chain transformation

Accelerate and de-risk supply chain transformation while maximizing the benefits of your ecosystem.

Improved data-driven decision-making

Get easy access to accurate, up-to-date data and insights to make informed decisions, freeing up time to focus on execution.

Supply chain intelligence platform intelligence and insights engine monitor

Intelligence and insights engine

The brain of the platform powering the assets with intelligence and insights leverages advanced algorithms to identify patterns and generate actionable insights.

Analytics engine

Provides powerful quantitative assessments of an organization’s supply chain with the self-service analytics engine to shift the focus from execution to insights.

Supply chain intelligence platform analytics engine laptop

Supply chain intelligence platform visualization engine monitor

Visualization engine

Transform complex data into clear, insightful visualizations with our self-service visualization tool. Create dynamic, user-friendly dashboards that allow teams to explore and interact with data.

Cleansing and enrichment engine

Streamline your data with AI powered by a data cleaning and enrichment engine delivering correct and accurate data. It ensures your data is correct, consistent, and up-to-date, improving the reliability of your insights.

Supply chain intelligence platform cleansing and enrichment engine laptop

Supply chain intelligence platform optimization and simulation monitor

Optimization and simulation

Optimizes and simulates processes as per market needs for sustainable and resilient supply chain operations. The platform helps identify and prioritize areas of improvement throughout the broad supply chain.

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