Environmental action

Our EY Ripples focus on accelerating environmental sustainability empowers EY people to channel their skills, knowledge and energy towards internal and community projects that protect and regenerate the environment.

What EY can do for you

Underscoring the EY Ripples vision to positively impact one billion lives by 2030 is the understanding that climate change and social inequality are deeply interconnected. Because low-income and marginalized communities are hit first and worst by the effects of climate change, failure to tackle the climate emergency risks undoing decades of progress on poverty reduction.

Accordingly, the EY Ripples program includes a focus on activities that accelerate adoption of new models, technologies and behaviors that protect and regenerate the environment, and unlock economic opportunities in transitioning to a circular, regenerative economy. Around the world, EY teams are contributing through:

EY professional support

EY professionals work with organizations, including environmentally focused nonprofits and impact enterprises, to help improve their sustainability, resilience and capacity to scale innovative answers to the climate emergency. Apart from pro-bono consulting services, EY people also provide leadership mentoring and coaching, and serve on organizations’ boards, to support them in addressing their biggest challenges and opportunities.

Future leader workshops

EY people are leading action-oriented workshops to help bolster future leaders’ environmental literacy and strengthen their sense of agency. In addition to working with university students, to channel Gen Z’s passion and creativity toward generating breakthrough ideas, EY teams also run workshops with businesses and community groups.

Citizen science

Modeling the causes and effects of climate change, safeguarding critical habitats and biodiversity, and promoting sustainable use of natural resources, all rely heavily on citizen science. EY people proudly support professional research projects, contributing to the timely collection and analysis of invaluable data for shaping environmental policy and strategy.

Our latest thinking

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