Growing Beyond Borders™

GBB features over 200 data sets that you can combine, weight and filter for unique insights.

In today’s fiercely competitive global market, success depends on finding and seizing new opportunities to grow your business and better manage risk. Growing Beyond Borders™ can help you navigate the opportunities and risks of doing business across the globe. Explore data and strategic business drivers in an intuitive, highly visual way, so you can make informed decisions, fast.

200+ business-relevant data sets

Explore economic, demographic, risk-related, sector, sustainability and other business-relevant data.

Visualize data in map form

Combine, weight and filter relevant data sets and view them on a  world map1 or in table or chart form.

Experience GBB with EY

In an EY-led session, using the 10,000+ data item GBB version, we take a deeper look at your global opportunities and risks.

Combine different data points and view them together on a world map

Get a comprehensive, customized assessment of your organization’s priority regions.

• Weight data points individually and filter data ranges to focus on key markets.


• Hand-pick a selection of countries, overlay relevant data, weight and filter, and your insights will appear in an easy-to-read heatmap.

GBB map in tablet
GBB table laptop

View your data in a table or chart format

In addition to visualizing multiple datasets on a world map, you can also view the information in table or chart form, for a data-driven analysis.

• View individual data points in greater detail for an in-depth analysis, including identifying best and worst in class, with the ability to weight, filter and invert the data.


• Filter a data point by excluding countries that fall outside a certain range (such as 50+ million population), enabling you to focus on priority markets.

Easily export data in user-friendly, visually dynamic formats

GBB allows you to take screenshots of the views you like throughout your session and export them to PowerPoint or PDF so you can refer to them conveniently.

• Combine a variety of screenshots (maps, charts, tables or country overviews) in an action-oriented package to present a compelling summary of a key issue or discussion.


• Custom views or scenes will remain available in GBB for a period of time and can be accessed upon your next login.

GBB export view laptop

Schedule a personalized session to experience an enhanced version of GBB

EY professionals can help you quickly and easily manipulate complex data specific to your business priorities.