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EY is a leader in helping public entities leverage, preserve access for public use and monetize their right of way for telecommunications purposes. As we head into the new, data-rich world of 5G networks and smart cities, Sourcewell members of any size can engage EY for a variety of telecommunications-related services.

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With the development of 5G networks and increased data use, public entities are being inundated with requests for right of way for wireless, fiber optics deployment, smart city applications, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and connected autonomous vehicles (CAV). It is critical that public entities understand the value of their assets and know what to ask for in return.


EY has considerable public-sector consulting experience in telecom strategy, valuation, right of way and procurement challenges. The EY team understands public-sector telecommunications needs and opportunities, especially against the backdrop of rapidly changing technologies, a rapidly developing regulatory landscape and emerging public-private partnership (P3) structures. Through extensive client work, we have a well-rounded understanding of deal structuring and the economics from the private sector’s viewpoint, which enable us to develop more effective strategies to protect the public’s interests and tap unrealized asset values.


We’ve developed services tailored to Sourcewell members of various sizes:

  • Valuation of existing assets where telecom facilities are already in place (e.g., telecommunications towers, rooftop sites, real estate, easements)
  • Assessment of commercial potential for new asset installations (e.g., tower sites, highway right of way, public buildings, billboards, street lighting and signage, public buildings)
  • Strategies for maximizing value to the public entity (e.g., bridging the digital divide, enabling communication needs, serving citizens and employees)
  • Strategies for deploying next-generation systems (CAV support, ITS, smart city, first net public responder network)
  • Negotiation support for relevant entities across the telecom ecosystem
  • Structuring of public-private partnerships
  • Engineering services (site lease, specifications)

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