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Sustainability and supply chain advisory

How the EU’s new sustainability directive is becoming a game changer

Learn how the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive will change your sustainability reporting.

01 Aug 2022 Peter Wollmert + 1

Why biodiversity may be more important to your business than you realize

Businesses should act now to measure and mitigate their impact on biodiversity.

25 Apr 2022 Alexis Gazzo

How investors can help finance a green recovery

Investors are pursuing green recovery opportunities, but a long-term strategy could be needed to avoid a market bubble. Find out more.

03 Nov 2021 Mathew Nelson


Chief sustainability officers are helping to demonstrate why creating value from sustainability is an imperative for their organizations. Find out more.

15 Feb 2021 Steve Varley

Is it time to reassess your EHS capabilities?

As humans and machines start working side-by-side, traditional environment, health and safety (EHS) models no longer capture every risk.

24 Jan 2020 Mathew Nelson

World Economic Forum

At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023 in Davos, EY will be advancing some of the world's most pressing economic and social issues. Discover more.

23 Jan 2019

    Nonfinancial reporting advisory and assurance

    How can corporate reporting bridge the ESG trust gap?

    The EY Global Corporate Reporting and Institutional Investor Survey finds a significant reporting disconnect with investors on ESG disclosures. Learn more.

    11 Nov 2022 Myles Corson + 1

    What to watch as global ESG reporting standards take shape

    The launch of the International Sustainability Standards Board is a significant development in the transition toward a green economy.

    11 Nov 2021 Katie Kummer

    Is your ESG data unlocking long-term value?

    Better environmental, social and governance (ESG) insight and data analytics could be critical to delivering long-term value. Find out more.

    03 Nov 2021 Mathew Nelson

    Where are wealth and asset managers on their sustainability journey

    The industry has both a responsibility and an opportunity to play a pivotal role in enabling the transition to a more sustainable future. Learn more.

    18 Oct 2021 Gill Lofts + 1

    How European insurers are advancing the sustainability agenda

    Transparent, consistent benchmarking allows the industry to track its progress on developing sustainable finance.

    31 Mar 2021 Gill Lofts + 2

    Why ESG performance is growing in importance for investors

    The post-pandemic investment landscape is set to place greater value on environment, social and governance (ESG) disclosures. Find out more.

    09 Mar 2021 Matthew Bell

      Climate change

      Why economic revival should be based on green growth

      Climate-friendly investment projects are widely available and could help to stimulate a green recovery in a post-COVID-19 world. Learn more here.

      12 Apr 2021 Alexis Gazzo

      Why your climate action today may impact your lending terms tomorrow

      The cost of finance is becoming more closely linked to ESG performance as companies face increased pressure to address climate action. Learn more.

      24 Sep 2020 Mathew Nelson

        Environment, health and safety

        Is it time to reassess your EHS capabilities?

        As humans and machines start working side-by-side, traditional environment, health and safety (EHS) models no longer capture every risk.

        24 Jan 2020 Mathew Nelson

        How can your digital strategy help improve EHS outcomes?

        Technological advancements are changing the nature of how EHS professionals mitigate risk, make decisions and allocate resources.

        12 Aug 2019 Rebecca Dabbs

        How to support better environment, health and safety outcomes

        Organizations can improve productivity by better managing environment, health and safety risks. We explore ways to climb the maturity curve.

        29 Aug 2018 Rebecca Dabbs

        How to improve the business with an EHS data analytics strategy

        Data and analytics are important to lead environmental, health and safety programs that may help strengthen the reputation of the business.

        08 May 2018 Rebecca Dabbs

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