Global Trade Managed Services

Global trade is too complex and costly to be left to chance. EY managed services offerings can help you streamline and automate the trade process.

What EY can do for you

Many organizations are turning to managed services and outsourcing, allowing them to leverage an efficient variable resource cost model, gain visibility of trade operations and more effectively deploy key resources.

EY Global Trade professionals recognize the role of technology in helping trade functions become future-ready. As part of a managed service offering, clients can leverage EY Trade Connect, a modular technology platform that can conform to the needs to the business, rather than the other way around.

Businesses can select a few key areas or opt for a broad-spectrum outsourcing of trade operations. Quite simply, we operate as an extension of the trade function — helping to reduce costs, improve compliance, manage risks and achieve the strategic objectives of the business.

Unlock future growth and digitize your global trade operations through effective data management.

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