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While indirect tax is a part of everyday life in most countries, the rise of new technologies and expanding global trade adds additional layers of complexity.

What EY can do for you

The EY network of dedicated Indirect Tax professionals across the globe can provide you with seamless, consistent service, identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities throughout the tax life cycle.

We help you deal effectively with current and potential cross-border issues ranging from global trade, value-added tax (VAT) and goods and service tax (GST), customs duties and insurance premium tax to environmental and excise taxes. We can help you meet your compliance obligations and business goals around the world.

Our latest thinking

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How transformation is shaping global indirect tax

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How disruption is shaping opportunities for global trade

In the face of continued geopolitical uncertainty, indirect tax and trade functions have an opportunity to show their real value. Find out more.

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How sustainability is shaping global indirect tax

Indirect tax leaders need to not only comply but spot the opportunities in the ever-evolving group of sustainability taxes and incentives. Find out more.

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How countries in the Americas are inviting business and driving growth

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How Europe, India and Africa are incentivizing foreign investment

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29 Jul 2021 Brian Smith

How jurisdictions in Asia-Pacific invite businesses from around the world

Countries in the most diverse region on the planet are offering attractive incentives to business – but understanding how they differ is key.

11 Mar 2021 Brian Smith

How tax and law affects factory conversions to fight COVID-19

Simon Hobbs interviews Gijsbert Bulk, Cornelius Grossmann and Rob Weber about the tax and people challenges associated with factory conversions. Learn More.

10 Nov 2020 49m 53s

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