Investing in innovation

Innovation drives productivity, boosts growth and contributes to communities worldwide. It also sits at the heart of every organization’s sustainability efforts. But innovation needs capital. The EY Quantitative Services teams help businesses access sources of cash through grants, tax credits and fixed asset/cost segregation claims.

What EY can do for you

Governments worldwide offer grants and tax incentives to help fund initiatives that align with policy goals. Those goals are often targeted at job creation in economically-deprived areas, and, increasingly, at carbon capture and storage, as well as supporting the transition to renewable energy sources. As businesses work to fund their growth and innovation, many look for professional support to identify and secure appropriate sources of cash.

EY Quantitative Services (QS) professionals combine their tax and law knowledge with backgrounds in a wide range of technical, science and engineering fields, helping them to help organizations unlock the full range of funding opportunities that are available.

We help you make sense of the evolving funding landscape and tell your company’s innovation story. And our support doesn’t end there – we can also assist through the ongoing project management and compliance.

EY services include:

Investing in innovation

ALPS Ecoscience’s Commercial Director, Alan Beesley, outlines how working with the EY organization has changed the direction of his business and explains how small organizations can benefit from the strategic and collaborative approach of EY teams. 

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