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With global tax policy in flux, companies need to be able to plan for potential changes in all the jurisdictions where they do business. EY’s global tax policy network has extensive experience engaging with companies and governments on the development and implementation of policy initiatives.

What EY can do for you

Countries around the world are undertaking significant reforms to better align their tax systems with today’s global business environment. At the same time, tax authorities are working together, developing more coordinated and efficient tax compliance and enforcement tools.

Learning about these developments after the fact is too late.  To make informed decisions, companies need to identify tax trends, anticipate tax changes in the countries where they operate, quantify the effects of anticipated changes, communicate with internal and external stakeholders about the potential implications, and proactively engage with tax policymakers throughout the process. Managing all of this can be challenging; that’s where EY tax professionals can help.

We understand how tax policymaking works, and our global coverage is unmatched. EY tax policy professionals in more than 85 countries have extensive experience, with many having held senior positions in government.  We know how vital it is for tax policy developments to be incorporated into business planning as soon as changes can be anticipated.  And we recognize how critical it is for C-suite executives to be aware of global tax policy trends as they manage corporate communications and reputational risk.

EY offers a range of services to help our clients identify potential tax changes on the horizon, understand tax trends that could affect future investment decisions, and communicate with policymakers and stakeholders about tax policies that are significant for their business.

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