Disruptive technology strategy

EY-Parthenon teams help clients use emerging and disruptive technology to solve their most pressing and complex business challenges. We bring together scientific, technical, analytical and business management experience to help develop and implement technically-informed, data-driven, industry-specific strategies.

What EY-Parthenon can do for you

The EY-Parthenon Quantitative Strategies and Solutions (QSS) group designs and delivers transformative strategies to help our clients harness the full potential of emerging and disruptive technology.

We employ advanced analytics and quantitative frameworks backed by deep technical acumen to support technology adoption and implementation. EY-Parthenon teams have proven results in driving commercial and operational value creation across several sectors, including but not limited to advanced manufacturing, mobility, health care, energy, consumer, biotech and life sciences.

Our curated team of engineers, scientists, and industry professionals provides organizations with the end-to-end ability to drive transformational growth by capitalizing on disruptive technology.

Case study

Using data to pick the correct lane for emerging automotive tech R&D

 The challenge

Choosing which emerging technologies are likely to win with auto industry consumers is an uncertain exercise, making it difficult to plan a product strategy.

 The solution

Using advanced quantitative models for forecasting and market adoption, we helped the clients develop data-driven, go-to-market strategies for the most desired technologies.

 The outcome

These forecasts identified the top five technology markets for the targeted deployment of over $150m in annual capital investments that would generate the greatest ROI.

How we help solve your biggest challenges

  • Business model evolution

    We work with organizations to identify and incorporate advanced and emerging technologies that help promote long-term, sustainable growth and to reimagine their business model. Using advanced quantitative methods guided by deep industry and scientific knowledge of disruptive tech, we create custom strategies that translate the uncertainty around novel technology into digestible and actionable insights.

    Capabilities include:
    • Portfolio analysis assessing emerging and disruptive technologies to invest in or upscale, with clear integration pathways to promote a strong return on investment
    • Horizon scanning and scouting to identify and forecast opportunities in emerging tech 
    • Agile productization and commercialization to enhance organizations’ use of emerging and disruptive tech as a competitive advantage and growth enabler 
    • Data monetization strategy enabling clients to capitalize on the intrinsic value of data assets
  • Adoption and enablement

    With capabilities ranging from biotechnology and autonomous systems to supply chain resiliency and the Internet of Things (IoT), we help our clients accelerate innovation and growth by working closely with them to build and implement the digital tools and data-driven assets needed to realize new business models.

    We provide an end-to-end ability to drive operational, commercial and capital value creation through the skilled application and implementation of emerging tech.

    Capabilities include: 
    • Create and scale advanced artificial intelligence solutions from prototype to full integration in products and services in order to accelerate value creation and help leap-frog the competition  
    • Embed predictive analytics engines into operational workflows that anticipate opportunities and risks earlier
    • Leverage digital twins and advanced automation to simulate and integrate intelligent autonomy and robotics, improving efficiency and augmenting resource utilization 
    • Perform digital engineering and product design optimization to reduce time to market, enable interoperability and manage costs associated with product development

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