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EY-Parthenon software strategy consulting is the leading advisor to companies and investors seeking guidance on growth, operational and product/technology performance and M&A related to the software economy. Software-driven and software-enabled companies and investors look to us for guidance on how to drive value across commercial, product, technology and R&D strategy.

How a century-old firm disrupted itself with automation software

We help tech and non-tech companies make the right software strategy and investment decisions to stand out in the software economy.

What EY-Parthenon can do for you

Making the right decisions about software strategy and investments has never been more important. Many companies, both technology-native and historically non-technology, are now part of the software economy, where most or all of a company’s differentiation and value proposition are driven by software.

EY-Parthenon Software Strategy Group (SSG) is a specialized advisory practice serving:

  • Investors, including private equity firms
  • Publicly listed software companies and software-enabled services businesses
  • Non-tech companies that are transforming into software companies

We work with nine of the 10 largest private equity funds by assets under management, as well as Fortune 500 businesses, consulting on topics ranging from strategy to diligence and execution.

We help companies and investors solve their toughest challenges, including identifying investment opportunities and assessing risks across commercial, product, technology and R&D lenses through due diligence and value creation services. From developing growth strategies to executing major technology changes and improving R&D organizational effectiveness, SSG provides services that help companies to expand market share and enhance their bottom line.

Case study

How CEOs can gain insight into technical progress and R&D spend

▉ The challenge

The CEO of a software company was frustrated over a lack of insight into his R&D organization, calling it an impenetrable “black box.” The company had a large product portfolio but lacked go-to-market know-how, a strategic product roadmap and a way to measure R&D.

▉ The solution
  • Leveraging its extensive software CTO and chief product officer experience, the SSG team developed a methodology to measure R&D performance from initial roadmap planning through to post-release customer support.
  • The team also designed a model for product governance and portfolio structuring that could be used for business planning, organizational design and go-to-market activities.
▉ The outcome
  • The CEO and Board of Directors gained a better understanding of how to measure the performance of the company’s R&D organization and other functions.
  • The company reorganized its business units, empowering teams to make faster decisions.

How we help solve your biggest challenges

Recent client challenges that we’ve answered

  • Drone delivery company: Can they grow at forecasted rates via expansion opportunities (e.g., new use cases, new geographies, innovation)?
  • Video streaming company: How does the company’s market strategy adapt to the needs of current and potential new customers?
  • Air travel mainframe software developer: How should the company prioritize product development initiatives to support the needs of both existing and prospective new customers?
  • Agriculture IoT company: Is the underlying technology capable of serving other markets outside the current core agriculture use case?

Why EY-Parthenon?

Why have hundreds of Global 2000 companies and top private equity firms chosen SSG to help guide their decision-making? The answer is simple. SSG brings real-world, CTO-level experience, as well as deep exposure to hundreds of software companies, enabling us to drive value and create a better future for hundreds of companies across the globe.

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