ESG’s potential to deliver a long-term advantage

Businesses that adopt environmental, social and governance (ESG) as an integral part of their corporate strategy will be better positioned to focus on key initiatives that can truly make an impact on society, their employees and customers, and the long-term value of the companies. Through its combined experience in consulting and intelligent technology solutions, the EY-Pega Alliance is helping clients reach their goals of strengthening supplier relationships, boosting operational capabilities and improving resiliency across their supply chains.

Research indicates that solid ESG practices result in:

The ESG solution from the EY-Pega Alliance

The overall goal of sustainable sourcing is to strengthen long-term relationships with suppliers at all tiers, addressing risks and building capabilities within supplier operations integrating ESG performance factors. The EY-Pega Alliance addresses these needs through its collective experience in consulting and intelligent technology solutions.

It’s all about what IT can do to transition technology to reduce your footprint and use analytics to measure it.

A low-risk, future-proof way to leverage your technology investments to drive business outcomes

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