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Today’s employees are concerned about their financial health, as they manage multiple life goals and struggle to make appropriate benefit decisions. Financial wellness is therefore a key pillar in your overall employee well-being program. Whether it’s financial planning, adapting to new benefits or navigating tax changes, EY Personal Finance can help transform your employees' financial well-being and enhance your employee benefit offerings.

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EY Personal Finance services is a suite of planner-driven, digitally-enabled financial wellness offerings designed to address an individual’s full set of financial wellness needs – from understanding his or her benefits, to comprehensive financial planning, to tax compliance.

Adding financial wellness services can help demonstrate an ROI on employee benefits programs in numerous ways, including:

  • Reducing employee financial stress, often leading to improved productivity, personal health, and even loyalty
  • Attracting and retaining employees while preparing them for retirement at an appropriate age
  • Improving awareness and use of employee benefits and driving a higher ROI on your benefit and compensation plan spending
  • Reducing direct costs, including health care, FICA taxes, wage garnishment, bankruptcies and retirement plan loans
  • Mitigating legal risks with regular employee outreach on responsible retirement investing and financial education

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