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Change is constant, but it doesn’t have to be stressful for organizations or impacted individuals. During times of disruption, a well-defined change strategy including a customized call center and group learning resources, supports the organization and leads to successful execution, adoption and acceptance of many change events, all while easing the burden on your implementation team and supporting your people.

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What EY can do for you

Adding the customized call center and group learning resources from EY Change can benefit your organization and facilitate an effective implementation by:

  • Reducing the burden of taking thousands of calls by in-house corporate office staff
  • Reinforcing the adoption of new behaviors to enable a successful change event
  • Ramping up call support and educational resources quickly, filling a critical short-term need
  • Providing individuals with resources and guidance to take informed actions

Organizational changes we support:


  • Transformations
  • Acquisitions and divestitures
  • Company or individual relocations
  • Unforeseen circumstances (e.g., COVID-19)


  • Systems/ERP changes
  • Cyber compromises


  • Policy and benefit plan changes
  • Reorganizations and layoffs
  • Equity vesting, granting, plan changes


  • Payroll system changes or errors
  • Tax legislation changes
  • Potential tax issues of work-from-home arrangements
  • Business travelers to different states 

How does EY Change support you and your people?

  • Reducing stress while supporting organizational priorities
  • Access to a highly technical, professional call center that is quickly implemented
  • Providing consistent, objective education and messaging
  • Serving as first line of support during a critical period for the organization
  • Reducing the burden on internal resources
  • Shifting the focus to impacted individuals, adding goodwill and helping individuals make informed decisions when required 
  • Supporting high-profile initiatives with an established and trusted brand

Why EY?

Using EY Change to assist your impacted individuals brings the following differentiators:

  • Fully US-based call center and education professionals
  • Dedicated team of experienced professionals who are empathetic to impacted individuals’ situations  
  • Both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking representatives
  • Assistance in developing FAQs based on EY past experience
  • A rigorous quality control process
  • Implementation of a formal escalation process
  • Stringent training requirements 

The benefits of change education:

  • Individuals are more likely to take actions that positively impact them
  • Higher degree of acceptance and an engaged workforce
  • Reduced disruption from uncertainty and change
  • Higher perceived value of benefits by individuals
  • Recognition that individuals are a key pillar to business success
  • Help employees manage increasing responsibilities around benefit decisions through outreach on responsible retirement investing and financial education

How we make a difference

When our representatives help impacted individuals navigate the impact of change, we reduce the burden on internal resources while reducing impacted individuals’ stress.