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Today’s employees are concerned about their financial health, as they manage multiple life goals and struggle to make appropriate benefit decisions. Financial wellness is therefore a key pillar in your overall employee well-being program. Whether it’s financial planning, adapting to new benefits or navigating tax changes, EY Personal Finance can help transform your employees' financial well-being and enhance your employee benefit offerings.

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EY Personal Finance services is a suite of planner-driven, digitally-enabled financial wellness offerings designed to address an individual’s full set of financial wellness needs – from understanding his or her benefits, to comprehensive financial planning, to tax compliance.


Adding financial wellness services can help demonstrate an ROI on employee benefits programs in numerous ways, including:


  • Reducing employee financial stress, often leading to improved productivity, personal health, and even loyalty
  • Attracting and retaining employees while preparing them for retirement at an appropriate age
  • Improving awareness and use of employee benefits and driving a higher ROI on your benefit and compensation plan spending
  • Reducing direct costs, including health care, FICA taxes, wage garnishment, bankruptcies and retirement plan loans
  • Mitigating legal risks with regular employee outreach on responsible retirement investing and financial education
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Plan your financial future: EY Navigate

EY Navigate reduces employees’ financial uncertainty by providing clarity around complex tasks – such as debt management, benefit decisions and retirement planning – and developing personalized action plans. It gives employees access to financial planners, online tools and custom education, resulting in an actionable roadmap to navigate the twists and turns of their financial journey.

Adapt to unexpected events: EY Change

Change is constant, but it doesn’t have to be stressful for organizations or impacted individuals. During times of disruption, a well-defined change strategy, including a customized call center and group learning resources, supports the organization and leads to successful execution, adoption and acceptance of many change events, all while easing the burden on your implementation team and supporting your people.

File taxes: EY TaxChat

EY TaxChat is an on-demand mobile service that connects users with knowledgeable EY tax professionals to gather documents, chat, then prepare and file the return all in a secure, online environment.

Educate advisors: EY Tax Desk

EY Tax Desk provides your financial advisor employees with tax education and information on essential topics such as retirement plans, transactions and deductions.  Providing your financial advisors with access to the EY Tax Desk will give them the ability to provide rapid responses to their clients’ tax questions, helping to set your firm apart from your competition and reducing the time and costs of research.

Tax deduction planning concept. Businessman calculating business balance prepare tax reduction.

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