Wealth & asset management quarterly insights

In this quarter’s update on key industry topics, we’re pleased to share the tech pillars that drive value creation in private equity companies, plus the 2023 EY-Parthenon Global Private Equity B2B Pricing Study. We also put a spotlight on the Private Equity Pulse, and additional thought leadership pieces from the 2023 Global Wealth Research report. Please find a selection of webcasts and podcasts that would be of relevance to you and your business.

Our latest thinking

IPO activity still slow in 1H 2023, but market conditions are improving

The first half of 2023 saw continued slow pace of IPOs. However, market trends signal hope for a turnaround.

How wealth managers can secure assets in flux

Learn how asset movement creates opportunities for wealth managers.

Mike Lee + 3

How can today’s millennial investors drive tomorrow’s business growth? 

The 2023 EY Global Wealth Research shines a light on unique features of younger investors. How can wealth managers build trust with this vital group?

Mike Lee + 3

    On-demand webcasts

    2023 alternative and registered funds midyear update

    Learn about the latest developments around Legislative tax update, SEC regulatory update and Accounting and financial reporting update.

    How BEPS 2.0 could impact the wealth & asset management industry

    In this webcast, panelists will examine how the Pillar Two rules may apply to the WAM industry and will highlight practical considerations.

    How Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) impacts PE firms and their transactions

    In this webcast, panelists discuss SFDR in the context of sustainable finance. Learn more.

      On-demand podcasts

      How technology is shaping the employee experience

      In this episode of the EY Microsoft Tech Directions podcast, we explore the critical role of technology in shaping the employee experience. Learn more.

      48m 48s

      How to enhance your workforce by tapping into neurodivergent talent

      How can public sector organizations recognize, support and unlock neurodivergent talent? Find out in episode eight of Leading into Tomorrow. Learn more.

      29m 52s

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