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EY is working exclusively with the Government of Canada and WithYouWithMe to assist veterans in finding meaningful technology employment upon entering their civilian career.

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The Cyber Workforce Enablement Program (CWEP) is a Supply Arrangement designed for the Government of Canada to call up cyber- and technology-trained Canadian Armed Forces veterans to fill the overwhelming cyber resource demand.

EY has joined forces with WithYouWithMe, a training organization founded by veterans, to address the cybersecurity talent gap by upskilling veterans free of charge for technology-based roles with the Government of Canada. The program allows transitioning Canadian veterans to be introduced to the training platform free of charge.

Veterans possess a number of traits that complement roles in cybersecurity. By providing high-demand cyber career training to veterans, the program builds a cyber workforce to bridge the gap between requirements and security-cleared capable resources.

Veteran candidates for the CWEP will undergo aptitude, psychometric, cultural fit and learning style assessments to place them in the role they are most likely to excel in. Candidates are then matched to roles with the government that will yield the highest output for the department and job satisfaction for the candidate.

By matching high-potential and upskilled candidates with crucial public service roles, the CWEP is bridging the gap and building a new cyber workforce for Canada.

Veterans enrolled in the program


Embarking on the next mission with the right tools

Along with WYWM, EY Canada’s CWEP program is currently upskilling over 4,000 veterans and their spouses, empowering them to confidently step into one of 57 IT domains across the Government of Canada including:

  • Cyber
  • RPA
  • AI
  • Cloud
  • Process Automation
  • Data Analyst
  • Developers
  • Administrators
  • Threat Hunters
  • Technical Writers
  • Project Coordinators

But before candidates are matched to their respective roles, they undergo vigorous testing following a similar methodology used by the military for new recruits. This includes:

  • Over 300 hours of specialized training tailored to each individual based on aptitude testing, personality testing, psychometric testing and learning style assessments.
  • Following the initial 300 hours of hands-on training and certification the resource is deployable, however, they continue to receive additional upskilling and support to meet the specific needs of the Canadian Government departments they’ll serve.
  • EY manages security clearance requirements for each veteran participating in the CWEP program.
  • Since the CWEP contract has already been completed and awarded, SSC partner departments can submit a Task Authorization via P2P to connect CWEP-trained veterans to their IT teams, creating a sustainable pipeline of IT talent for Canada.
  • Departments have the option and are encouraged to hire the veteran resource full time following the initial contract period at no additional cost.  As of today, 24 CAF Veterans are full time civil servants thanks to the program. 

Benefits to veterans:

  • Veterans have served our country and many want to continue to do so.
  • Combat veterans have many of the skills required to work in cyber; we are simply changing the terrain.
  • By combining skills and culture-testing data, we can identify areas in which veterans will excel.
  • By providing the necessary training to foster their skills and potential, we can help veterans thrive in their team or department.

The Veterans Journey podcast – highlighting what makes veterans invaluable in their journey from service to civilian

EY Cybersecurity Associate Partner Jamie O’Hare chats with the courageous men and women who have served our country and are transitioning to civilian life and fulfilling critical cyber roles in the Government of Canada. 

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For more information on the Cyber Workforce Enablement Program contact a member of our team.

In Canada, WithYouWithMe is working exclusively with EY to identify potential candidates and roles for veterans in cyber in the government. EY holds the CWEP procurement vehicle for the Government of Canada to call up cyber-trained resources when required. 

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