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Making waves with EY – the PayTechs edition

In this episode of Making Waves with EY, our host Diana Halder explores the latest trends, innovations and challenges shaping the payments industry with Global EY leaders. 

The disruption of the traditional payments ecosystem has been rapid and impactful. Payments lie at the intersection of commerce and the digital economy and PayTechs have exploded into the market, recognizing that fast, frictionless and embedded payments offer a distinct competitive advantage. As the digital economy grows and customer appetite for seamless payments increases, PayTechs are offering integrated solutions for both consumers and merchants to meet this demand.

In this episode, our host Diana Halder is joined by our Global EY leaders to explore the 7 transformative themes shaping the payments realm.

Key takeaways:

  • PayTechs have driven transformative advancements in the payments industry, ushering in innovative solutions, increased accessibility and enhanced user experiences.
  • Real-time payments have revolutionized the financial landscape, providing faster, more efficient, and seamless transactions for consumers and businesses alike.
  • The digital economy's rapid evolution continues to reshape industries, enabling unprecedented connectivity, innovation and opportunities worldwide.
  • Open Banking has empowered PayTechs to leverage data-sharing opportunities, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that delivers personalized and inclusive financial services.

For your convenience, the full text transcript of this podcast is also available. Read the transcript.


Diana Halder
EY Canada Payments Partner
Alla Gancz
EY UK Payments Consulting Leader
Patricia Partelow
Managing Director, Financial Services Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP
Tom Bull
EY UK FinTech Growth Leader


Duration 47m 00s