Focus areas and programs

Building a socially just, inclusive and sustainable world one life at a time

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Together with clients and other like-minded organizations, EY people use their skills, knowledge and experience to bring about positive change. We believe our combined capabilities can make the biggest impact — where each ripple we start has the potential to join with others and create waves of change in key areas.

Supporting the next generation

As a world-renowned developer of talent, the EY organization extends its knowledge to help young and underserved people become critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers, ready to collaborate on solving society’s toughest challenges. 

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Working with impact entrepreneurs

EY people extend their professional services skills and experience to help enterprises focused on social justice, economic inclusion and environmental regeneration achieve true scale and significance. Our people engage directly with impact enterprises to refine business plans, brainstorm innovative solutions and provide affordable access to full-time professional support.

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Accelerating environmental sustainability

The world needs urgent action to address the climate emergency. The EY organization extends its knowledge and experience to help accelerate the development and adoption of new models, technologies and behaviors that protect and regenerate the environment.

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Bridging the digital divide

Our vision: Access + upskilling = enablement

With the right training, tools and connectivity, more people can access more resources in pursuit of healthier, more connected and successful lives — regardless of their socioeconomic, geographic, racial or cultural background. Our efforts and investments help: 

Put devices in the hands of people who need them

  • Provide ready and reliable access to broadband internet connectivity
  • Offer direct mentoring so individuals develop the skills they need to achieve their full personal and professional potential
Learn more about our efforts to bridge the digital divide.

EY Connect Days

Across the Americas, EY people are encouraged to volunteer with EY Ripples initiatives on EY Connect Days (EYCDs), quarterly days of service dedicated to bettering our communities and society. 

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EY Americas Corporate Responsibility FY23 Social Impact Report outlines our progress and features stories of the individuals whose lives have been positively impacted.

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