Digital Divide

EY is committed to help underserved students by joining forces with organizations to facilitate access to devices, internet and mentoring.

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Bridging the digital divide

The digital divide describes the gap between those individuals with and without access to computers and internet connection. This problem became more apparent at the onset of COVID-19 with the technology requirements of remote online learning. Students simply did not have the proper hardware, connectivity and adult support needed to learn and perform to their full potential.

Bridging the digital divide


of low income-US homes with children do not have high-speed internet.

Bridging the digital divide


of students do not have a desktop or laptop computer at home.

Bridging the digital divide


of students can not complete their homework at home due to lack of computers.

Bridging the digital divide


lower scores among students without internet and computer access.

Our commitment

We are committed to helping underserved K-12 students by facilitating the access to connectivity and devices by connecting them with the appropriate providers. Ernst & Young will provide professionals to mentor these students to help them develop the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital age.

How we do it

This goal will be achieved by working with various private and public sector organizations, including our clients, to bring a holistic solution to families in need.

  • Consult

    An EY Consulting team will deliver a holistic approach across three verticals: connectivity, hardware and mentoring.

  • Convene

    EY-Parthenon will contribute K-12 and higher education digital experience to engage a broader national ecosystem related to several areas, including public policy and cybersecurity.

  • Mentor

    EY professionals will become engaged through virtual mentorships focused on learning and educational changes due to COVID-19.

Our Digital Divide teams are making a difference!

Watch Dr. Sonja Santelises, CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools, talk to Arun Subhas, EY Baltimore OMP, and Kevin Brown, Americas Digital Business Transformation and Intelligent Automation Leader and EY Americas Digital Divide Leader, about the impact that EY is making with underserved students.

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