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EY is committed to support underserved populations by joining forces with organizations to provide devices, internet access and mentorship.

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Bridging the digital divide 

Too often, a student’s or worker’s potential is limited by geography or economic circumstances. Bridging the digital divide isn’t just about opening doors; its purpose is much bigger. This initiative is an integral part of EY US’ social justice commitment, which is to take decisive action to eradicate racism and discrimination by leveraging our influence to drive strategic change in our firm, in the communities where we work and support policies that promote digital readiness.

The digital divide describes the gap between those individuals with and without access to computers and internet connection. This problem became more apparent and aggravated during the COVID-19 pandemic as schools, jobs and business transactions migrated to online platforms. Many students and workers simply did not have the hardware and connectivity needed to learn and perform to their full potential.

48 million low-income households will have access to lowered high-speed internet costs

As part of President Biden’s Affordable Connectivity Program,  20 leading internet providers will offer eligible households a high-speed internet plan for no more than $30 per month.

Our commitment

We are committed to helping underserved populations by creating powerful public and private sector coalitions. Our goals are to provide devices and broadband to connect to the internet and engage our professionals as mentors to help develop knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital age.

Whether you’re part of an organization looking to make an impact or stepping up as an individual, there’s an opportunity for us all to make a difference. When it comes to the pursuit of racial and social justice, there’s no finish line, just a long-standing commitment to build a better world.

Our Digital Divide teams are making a difference!

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Our latest thinking

In today’s digital world, how do we make sure no one is left behind?

Learn about our progress in the first year of bridging the digital divide, including challenges, successes and the impact we’ve made on our communities.

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