Better Questions for Boards webcasts

Our webcast series provides directors with insights and questions to consider as they engage with management on complex boardroom issues.

Our latest thinking

Audit committee considerations for Q1 2024

This webcast will explore the impact of geopolitical uncertainty and how internal audit practices are transforming.

Top priorities for boards in 2024

This webcast will highlight the topics that directors across the Americas told us they will be focused on most in 2024.

What audit committees need to know to prepare for 2024

What audit committees need to know to prepare for 2024

Audit committee responses to new cybersecurity developments

This webcast will explore and provide the latest considerations for audit committees on ways to strengthen cybersecurity practices and build trust.

Why now is historic for the evolution of board governance

This webcast will explore how boards are taking a more proactive approach to how they get work done.

What audit committees need to know for Q2 2023

This webcast will provide insights to help audit committees prepare for Q2 discussions with the board, management, auditors, and other stakeholders.

How boards can enhance resiliency through effective risk oversight

This webcast features a discussion about the risks boards are most focused on in 2023 and how they can promote resiliency.

How audit committees navigate economic uncertainty and investor expectations

This webcast will explore a variety of considerations for audit committees in the face of economic challenges and evolving investor priorities.