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EY Electric Vehicle Battery Value Chain Solutions

Unleashing opportunity in the EV battery value chain frontier

The electric vehicle (EV) battery market is rife with opportunity. We can help you rapidly deploy technology to speed up production and enhance quality. It starts with cross-industry support from Greenfield and Brownfield project management to traceability and compliance. Then, with expanded vision and understanding, we identify the right resources establish the right processes and redefine operations – from operating models to supply chains.

Our team can help you transform the complexities of the EV battery market into pathways for growth and success.


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Our approach

Our approach helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), startups and battery manufacturers make informed decisions that optimize the performance, lifespan, and financial value of EVs and their batteries while identifying new revenue streams and realizing business potential.

EY Battery Value Chain Solution Pillars

Battery manufacturing and recycling

Realize potential revenue with streamlined operations.

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Our approach

Our approach helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), startups and battery manufacturers make informed decisions that optimize the performance, lifespan and financial value of EVs and their batteries while identifying new revenue streams and realizing business potential.


From strategic roadmapping and scalability to feasibility analysis and financial modeling for financial viability assessments and resource optimization, you can count on us for end-to-end project management and comprehensive oversight.


Our approach starts with deploying a cross-business-unit program governance model and pressure-tested execution processes that are tailored to EV battery production and recycling. While our PMO enables the adoption of governance and processes, our project managers will drive the execution of those processes, starting from securing incentives to establishing gigafactories. We integrate precision and foresight into every project phase, including the optimization of location and chemistry strategies, to enable seamless setup and operations.


Bringing together leading-edge practices and technologies to the EV battery space and leveraging EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub and EY Digital Operations Hub@MxD, we can help you harness the potential of digital manufacturing while driving advancements in battery production processes and technologies.


We deploy advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES), including our bespoke (SAP) EY Battery Cell Assembling and (SAP) Battery Recycling ERP template accelerators. These tools are crafted to streamline operations in battery manufacturing and recycling, enabling efficiency and intelligent connectivity.

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Battery analytics

Harness data to optimize performance.

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Teaming with battery analytics resources allows us to embed top-tier analytics into manufacturing processes. Melding our experience with leading technologies, we integrate manufacturing data with testing and quality control processes, significantly enhancing ramp-up times and production yields. Our analytics extend to sophisticated demand forecasting models that leverage historical data and market trends.


This allows for better inventory management, more accurate production planning and a reduction in the risk of overproduction or underproduction. State-of-the-art analytical tools provide real-time insights, enabling immediate adjustments and optimizations for consistently high-quality production and maximized operational efficiency. 

Utilizing Data to Demystify EV Batteries

Data is the key to unlocking the mystery of EV batteries for consumers and manufacturers with performance tracking, health monitoring, and creating standardization within the industry.

Battery supply chain

Build on a robust and agile end-to-end lifecycle.

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We integrate sophisticated supply chain logistics to verify smooth and uninterrupted material and information flow, a crucial factor in preventing bottlenecks and maintaining a consistent production pace. In addition to logistical efficiency, we focus on robust procurement strategies, securing reliable material sources and optimizing procurement processes to counter market fluctuations and disruptions.


The synergy of advanced logistics with resilient procurement enhances the overall operational efficiency of your supply chain, equipping it to adapt and excel amid the industry’s evolving challenges. 

Battery passport and traceability

Meet sustainability goals with a high-integrity system.

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Our advanced Battery Passport and traceability systems offer a comprehensive, auditable record of battery materials from sourcing to recycling, verifying adherence to global standards and regulations. We assist in recording critical information, including quality certifications, in the Battery Passport. This process confirms that each battery's journey from manufacturing to end of life is meticulously documented, providing confirmation of quality and compliance.


By maintaining transparent and traceable records, including quality certifications, we build consumer and stakeholder trust, delivering ethical sourcing, top-notch quality and sustainable practices. Additionally, the Battery Passport system is key to promoting a sustainable battery circular economy – providing essential data for effective recycling and reuse strategies, and paving the way for a more sustainable future in the EV battery industry.

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Each project is distinct, and our solutions are customized to address the specific challenges and opportunities of your venture, whether you're launching a new project or upgrading an existing facility.

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