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Bringing together bright minds and advanced technology to solve real problems in real time for manufacturers across industries

The pace of change and need for improvement are relentless. ​With many operating in reactive mode, how can manufacturers proactively address the challenges preventing them from getting ahead?

It starts here on our factory floor. Our custom experiences and demonstrations help organizations turn insight into actions to deploy and scale solutions that address their specific problems or initiatives — and sharpen their competitive edge.

Here's how it works:

We start with a deep dive to examine and understand your operation. This informs the content and activities for your team’s customized event. Together we plan, align, prioritize and work through scenarios, solutions and next steps. Then, your team leaves with a greater understanding of how to accelerate your manufacturing transformation.​ 

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What we help solve

What is your desired outcome? With capabilities and assets from EY teams and our ecosystem partners, we can help improve operations, reduce risk and gain the resiliency needed to be better equipped to respond to disruptive change.

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Want to design greater efficiency and productivity and optimize your assets? We can help you create a blueprint or scale your vision across your existing footprint to improve the investments you’ve already made.

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Strengthen your supply chain from forecast through fulfillment. Get reliable data through the systems you have in place now, plan next steps to increase visibility, and move toward a more automated and autonomous supply chain.

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We can help you engineer long-term value into your product design from manufacturing through customer experience by exploring engineering sustainability benefits and identifying product changes that can favorably impact your margins.

We can help increase operations technology cybersecurity understanding across your organization, determine the appropriate coverage model for your existing assets and help your organization design and deploy OT cyber improvements.

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Discover how to unlock the value of your people as an asset that lies at the center of everything. Learn how to win the competition for talent and keep your workforce more engaged and effective.

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Where innovation meets operations

The fast track to tomorrow starts here on our factory floor. Read more about how we can help you address your most significant challenges.

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