EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women North America Class of 2023

This class of high-growth, woman-founded companies across the US and Canada spans a variety of industries – from technology to professional services to health care.


Kim McDaniel
Across the Board Game, LLC | Kim McDaniel

Across the Board is a family-owned and operated workshop specializing in high-quality, handcrafted, unique wooden board games that bring families and friends together to connect with one another in a world where everything has gone digital. Ranging from reinventions of old classics to licensed sports themes to drinking games, Across the Board is proudly Made in America and has something for everyone. 

Kimberly Citizen
Applied Development, LLC | Kimberly Citizen

Applied Development empowers people of all abilities to share their brilliance in the workplace through the thoughtful integration of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility in its delivery models. Applied Development provides critical communication access through reasonable accommodations and inclusive strategic communication strategies. It strives not just for accessibility, but for true belonging, by crafting communication strategies that create equitable access and empower, uplift and unite. 

Taran Ghatrora
Bunny Ghatrora
Blume | Taran and Bunny Ghatrora

Blume creates award-winning, clean and uncomplicated skincare for Gen Z and beyond. Formulated with acne-prone and sensitive skin in mind, Blume is on a mission to give confidence back to the 60% of young womxn who say that their self-esteem plummets when they go through puberty. 

Clarie Tomkins
Future Family | Claire Tomkins

Future Family is the leading fintech platform for family building in the US. The company offers consumers easy digital financing plans for IVF and egg freezing with built-in payments and support services, including digital coaching and concierge care. Future Family has built the largest private network of fertility clinics in the US, with over 600 on platform and coverage in the Top 40 metro areas in the US. 

Giulia Fantacci
GF Immigration Law – Abogada Julia | Giulia Fantacci

GF Immigration Law - Abogada Julia (GFI) is one of the largest humanitarian immigration law firms, focusing predominantly on fighting for undocumented human trafficking victims and aiding them in obtaining legal status in the US.

Mission-driven and with a client-centered approach, GFI deploys cutting-edge technology with highly specialized legal skills, and a proprietary method to enable clients to obtain their legal status and pave a path to legal residency. As a fast-growing company representing thousands of clients throughout the country, GFI continues its growth with the goal of making a difference for those who are exploited. 

Sheena Russell
Made with Local | Sheena Russell

Made with Local is on a mission to raise the bar for sustainable snacking. The company crafts irresistibly delicious, nourishing foods that satisfy discerning taste buds while cultivating community impact. Pioneering the local food movement in consumer packaged goods, Made with Local is known for its gluten-free Real Food Bars, packed with 100% whole-food goodness. As a Certified B Corp, it is committed to ethical, sustainable sourcing, prioritizing the health of people, the planet and local communities. 

Milan Harris
Milano Di Rouge | Milan Harris

Milano Di Rouge is a premium lifestyle clothing brand that symbolizes hope, community and inspiration, and encourages dreamers to manifest their aspirations. Beyond fashion, Milano Di Rouge serves as a source of motivation, urging individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Its signature blend of luxury and streetwear embodies a world where dreams come true. 

Jess Toolson
Mixhers | Jess Toolson

Mixhers is an innovative supplement company created by women, for women. It’s on a mission to provide highly absorbable and hormone-friendly nutritional therapy conveniently packaged in delicious drink mix packets. With more than 2.7 million packets sold, Mixhers’ powerhouse hero product, Hertime, is designed to support menstrual health, alleviate PMS symptoms and naturally balance hormones. Mixhers believes that women should feel empowered to know how their bodies work and have access to products that support their hormones, rather than disrupt them. Mixhers products are crafted to champion women at every stage of their hormonal journey.

Amy Green
Mamaya Health | Amy Green

Pregnant and postpartum women are often underserved in the mental health space. Mamaya Health helps women find healing and wholeness during the perinatal period by making highly specialized counseling more accessible and affordable. With an initial focus on Tennessee, Mamaya Health aims to reduce maternal mortality throughout the state, country and world.

Rachelle Seguin
Andrea Gomez
OMY Laboratoires | Rachelle Séguin and Andrea Gomez

OMY Laboratories stands as the pioneering Canadian lab, introducing personalized dermocosmetics. SkinIA, its AI software co-developed with dermatologists, AI experts and chemists, revolutionizes skin analysis. Through a photo and brief queries, OMY Laboratoires pinpoints clients’ exact needs, tailoring products to their preferences and skin issues. With over 8,000 eco-friendly, vegan cream and serum formulas, all crafted in Quebec, they redefine skincare.

Leeatt Rothschild
Packed with Purpose | Leeatt Rothschild

Packed with Purpose embeds social and environmental impact into the everyday act of gift-giving. Its curated gift boxes source products from over 140 purpose-driven organizations that transform more than 750,000 lives, resulting in a unique gifting experience that is as inspiring as it is impressive.

Jenny Stone
Partner Forces, LLC | Jenny Stone

Partner Forces is a management consulting firm that helps government and commercial clients manage risk, enhance security and strengthen mission impact. Its team of cross-sector experts specialize in risk and resilience, data analytics, management consulting and mission support. Together, Partner Forces maximizes the power of partnership, protects critical infrastructure, and helps national security and industry partners tackle their most pressing challenges by crafting smart and practical solutions that consider the evolving risk landscape.

Deeannah Seymour
pH-D Feminine Health | Deeannah Seymour

pH-D Feminine Health has helped millions of women worldwide, establishing itself as one of the top-selling feminine care brands. Pioneering a whole new category in the retail industry, its holistic #1 Doctor-Recommended products are available at every major retailer across the US and Canada, in over 50,000 stores. pH-D operates with a mission to reduce the stigmas surrounding vaginal health. The brand’s Boric Acid-based products are designed to empower women with greater options to take control of their vaginal wellness.

Larissa Russell
Fiona Lee
Pod Foods | Larissa Russell and Fiona Lee

Pod Foods is a full-service business-to-business Marketplace platform in the grocery supply chain, connecting consumer packaged goods brands with grocery retailers. 

Devrie Weliver
Pointer Construction Group, LLC | Devrie Weliver

Pointer Construction is a service-disabled veteran-owned firm that provides a full array of design/build, construction management and general contracting services. The team’s experience covers a broad range of industrial, commercial, health care and multifamily residential applications in the private sector and for government agencies. Pointer Construction’s team of construction management professionals has specialized experience performing complex projects and is “Best in Class” in serving its clients. Pointer Construction believes in delivering excellence in all that it does and is committed to fostering long-term relationships with teammates, clients and the subcontractor community.

Marie Chevrier
Sampler | Marie Chevrier

Sampler delivers data-driven product experiences that create personalized relationships between people and brands. Sampler is known for having digitized the product sampling space. Its clients include over 1,000 consumer packaged goods brands, as well as leading retailers. 

Andrea Tarrell
Sercante | Andrea Tarrell

Sercante helps marketing teams be successful on the Salesforce platform by supporting implementation, strategy, managed services, consulting, staff augmentation and training across a broad range of Salesforce products, including Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud, Einstein, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Analytics. Sercante sets a vision and bridges the gap from “what is” to “what could be” for clients’ marketing and sales operations.

Katie Thompson
Steelhead Tubular, LLC | Katie Thompson

Steelhead Tubular is a dynamic and rapidly growing pipe distributor with a passion for excellence. The company’s expertise lies in providing top-grade pipe, fittings and accessories to various industries. With a customer-centric approach, Steelhead Tubular prioritizes customer needs and ensures on-time delivery to keep projects on track. Its dedicated team of professionals offers personalized support, guiding customers toward the best solutions for their applications. 

Meghan Gaffney
Veda Data Solutions | Meghan Gaffney

Veda Data blends science and imagination to solve health care’s most complex data issues. Its solutions increase productivity, enable compliance and empower health care businesses to focus on delivering care. Veda’s platform requires no technical skills or system changes because the team envisions a future for health care where data isn’t a barrier — it’s an opportunity.

Jarah Euston
WorkWhile | Jarah Euston

WorkWhile is an hourly labor marketplace for flexible work that matches workers to shifts that fit their skills, schedules and locations. It uses behavioral analysis, feedback loops and powerful machine learning models to help identify the most reliable hourly workers, and it supports them with perks that are not available at traditional hourly wage jobs. Employers leverage WorkWhile for a high-quality, reliable workforce that they can scale up or down, as needed. Launched in 2020, WorkWhile serves businesses in the warehousing, hospitality, logistics and event industries across the United States.