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What EY can do to help with your finance transformation 

The role and expectations of the finance function are ever-evolving through constant change and disruptive trends. As C-suite internal needs and external expectations skyrocket, organizations must turn to new thinking regarding the finance function to raise its ambition for the future or risk having it serve as a compliance exercise.

Financial services organizations must decide now to improve the function’s current capabilities and outcomes to bring better insights and P&L impacts to internal decision-makers and external stakeholders.

EY leading-edge methodologies help clients stay on top of industry trends, drive value creation and enable growth, while concurrently maintaining regulatory compliance and promoting efficient processes and results. 

The EY approach to redesign the finance function as a strategic business partner leverages emerging technologies to unlock the value of digital finance: advanced analytics, cloud and next generation data. Our core offerings below provide the ability for organizations to realize leading capabilities for their finance functions quickly and strategically in a global fast-paced business environment. 

The EY organization can help you with:

Finance and risk transformation

How is your finance and risk technology infrastructure set up for automation and big data analytics?

Finance, risk and actuarial transformation

How does your organization manage the intersection between finance, risk and actuarial stakeholder needs while supporting access to data insights?

Dynamic planning and profitability improvement 

How do you drive accountability and enterprise decision-making to bring insights and P&L impacts?

Regulatory reporting

How do you improve your reporting to meet and anticipate regulatory requirements?

Controllership and finance operations

How do you manage ongoing disruption while building a resilient enterprise?

Finance strategy

How can you create a path forward that benefits the whole enterprise?

Emerging trends

How will new technologies and methodologies change the ways in which you do business?