Finance Transformation Emerging Trend: Data Commercialization Services

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In the digital future, business will harness the intrinsic value of their data through the data commercialization model. Organizations can maintain security, control and ownership while leveraging the full value of their assets.

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The EY Snowflake Alliance provides a transformation avenue for our clients to reinvent their finance operations through data sharing, virtualization, separation of storage and compute, ability to scale multiple workloads across the front- and back-office operations, fine-grained access control, and secure private network for data access and commercialization. Snowflake delivers business value much easier and faster compared to other cloud platforms for finance data solutions.

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Next-gen data

Organizations need to be able to maximize their investments in data and analytics by making it easier to produce, consume, search, access and govern data, with agility in supporting high-quality and responsible decision-making while reducing the cost of overall data management.

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Cloud strategy and technologies play a key role in optimizing finance technology architecture. The EY cloud strategy provides clients with world-class tools and methodologies to maximize asset utilization and RIO.

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Insights at Speed

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing and natural language generation are changing the way financial institutions are transforming their management reporting organizations. Advanced analytics provides them with tools that make the impossible of yesterday the commonplace of tomorrow. Our approach to the adoption of AI and intelligent automation is human-centered, pragmatic and outcomes-focused.

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Digital assets

Digital assets are any type of content, data, or information that exists in a digital format and has value. This can include cryptocurrencies, digital art, digital music, domain names and other types of intangible assets that can be owned and traded using blockchain technology.​

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Data commercialization

Data commercialization refers to the process of converting data into a product or service to capture economic value. This can involve selling access to data, creating data-driven products or services, or using data to improve existing products and services to better meet customer needs.

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