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What does it take to build a resilient public health agency?

Reimagining public health: the way to an equitable future 

The future comes around fast. Whether COVID-19 becomes easier to manage or new strains of the virus extend the crisis for years to come, public health leaders should ask now how they will meet the unknown challenges of tomorrow.

To understand where and how agencies should direct their efforts, we surveyed 301 public health officials from across the United States. Our research finds organizations operating at a uniquely difficult yet exciting time, in a field that is being reshaped and revitalized by digital innovation.

More than two years after the pandemic began, 56% of respondents believe that modernization is essential if they are to achieve their vision of equitable health. At the same time, 52% say that advances in data and digital technology make them more optimistic about what they can achieve for their communities than at any point in their career.

But the rate of digital transformation is uneven, and officials are facing significant barriers to change. They must cope with budget constraints, inspire a new generation of talent and encourage reluctant colleagues to embrace innovation. It is a complicated journey, but the time to begin is now.

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