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Chapter 3 | The stumbling blocks of organizational change — and how to get ahead

So, public health leaders know that digital-enabled reform is crucial. But most are still tinkering at the edges of transformation rather than embracing radical change.

Just 39% would describe their transformation plans as strategic rather than tactical, and only 34% say they are extensive rather than limited.

When it comes to implementing new technology, just one in three (34%) is pursuing root-and-branch upgrades of their IT systems, and a mere 10% are integrating this activity into a transformation of their wider systems.

Why is the change so limited?

Three steps to innovation: how to get ahead

  1. Clarify and inspire from the top down.
  2. Don’t wait for funding.
  3. Appeal to talent by highlighting a commitment to public service.

Read the full 3-step guide by downloading the PDF.


The future comes around fast. Whether COVID-19 becomes easier to manage or new strains of the virus extend the crisis for years to come, public health leaders should ask now how they will meet the unknown challenges of tomorrow.

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