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Rapid technology advances are reshaping the entire banking ecosystem, and Corporate, Commercial and SME (CCSB) banking sectors are not immune. EY is helping banks shift their focus back to growth, placing an increased emphasis on client experience, new technology and operational efficiency.

What EY can do for you

In the fast-changing digital world, banks recognize the need to adapt and innovate in order to grow. In CCSB banking, that means increased process efficiency, more effective use of data and analytics, and an enhanced client experience.

EY can help banks understand where they are now – and why they are where they are – before planning the next steps on their journey toward improved business performance in CCSB banking and credit operations. Fundamentally, we help banks make sure they have the right strategy, fit-for-purpose technology and focused talent to satisfy rising market expectations and shifting regulatory requirements.

Our focus areas include:

  • Transformation: business strategy, core systems, target operating model, business case development and conversion support
  • Digital enablement: integrated client platforms, rapid FinTech assessments, robotics proof of concepts, intelligent automation, platform conversion, innovation design
  • Optimization: process efficiency and improvement in key operations
  • Data analytics and insights: client onboarding, performance measurement, risk analytics

Reimagining the future for CCSB

EY’s CCSB banking consulting services are led by professionals with experience across commercial lending, transaction banking, treasury and cash management products, covering domains such as product, operations, technology, digital and robotics, risk and compliance, and data and analytics. Our team members have long and successful track records serving as product owners, underwriters, lenders, credit officers, treasury and payments senior managers, and bank examiners.

EY has launched its global network of growth and innovation centers to help clients catch the next wave in radical breakthroughs in business transformation by tapping into innovative thinking across EY disciplines, experience and industries. In addition, we have several active partnerships and collaborations within the FinTech industry, both as an investor and an innovator.

Transformation strategies for banking leaders

We spoke to transformation leaders at banks around the globe about how to improve transformation outcomes. Explore these insights.


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