Screening services

In Banking and capital markets

EY screening services help financial institutions transform their screening policies, technology and operations. Part of the EY Financial Crime solution, our investigative screening and consulting services leverage our FinCrime technology platform, technology alliances, integrated global delivery model and regulatory experience.

Your business challenge

Financial institutions that can enhance screening and investigations can improve compliance while reducing operational costs. But effective screening of customers and counterparties is becoming more difficult due to several factors: 

  • Increasingly sophisticated efforts to hide true identities and beneficial owners 
  • Emergence of new, real-time financial products and channels
  • Fast-evolving regulations
  • Ever-changing sanction lists of individuals and entities as a result of geopolitical and country-specific changes
  • Legacy, rules-based systems that generate many false-positive alerts
  • Scarce talent to manage screening and investigation; expensive to recruit, train and retain

Screening solution benefits

We help financial institutions transform screening into an automated, innovative and efficient set of procedures that lift the burden of screening while delivering better outcomes. Our connected approach combines:


  Deep screening and industry knowledge that includes help with broader screening; money laundering and investigations strategy; and tactical, focused advice


  Extensive regulatory and policy experience across multiple markets


  Leading technology, software tools and data-powered intelligence built upon a global common platform


  Flexible talent models and robust managed services delivery processes

Solution features and functionality 

EY screening services are built upon our proprietary financial crime compliance platform. Our services are delivered through our integrated global managed services network of financial crime analysts, resulting in greater connectivity and resilience. It uses advanced technologies, including AI and machine learning to provide a suite of services, including:

Why EY investigative screening

EY screening services support financial institutions in improving compliance, enhancing the customer experience and lowering cost. We combine deep regulatory and domain knowledge with powerful screening technologies to significantly reduce false-positives while substantially increasing true match alert identification.

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