Customer Tax Operations and Reporting Services

EY Customer Tax Operations and Reporting Services (CTORS) helps organizations meet their customer-related regulatory obligations through its integrated suite of end-to-end customer tax operation services, supported by EY teams across the globe and underpinned by leading technology.

Your business challenge

Multinational corporations and taxpayers worldwide must comply with a range of complex regulations wherever they do business. This requirement puts additional pressure and demands on already-busy teams as they:

  • Document and accurately classify customers
  • Manage customer and transaction data
  • Report customer information to global tax authorities

The responsibility to comply with multiple regulations is significant, especially so for financial institutions, given the volume and complexity of their customers. Failure to comply comes at a high financial and reputational cost.

Key features

CTORS is an integrated suite of customer tax operation services which can be provided in a modular or end-to-end approach. From start to finish, EY CTORS simplifies the complexity of customer tax operations, reduces cost and risk, and improves your customer tax function through the use of workflow, data management, analytics and governance to effectively help manage global tax regulations.

EY Tax operation

Since 2009, the EY CTORS team has been helping multinational corporations meet their customer-related reporting and operational tax obligations. Over the last decade, CTORS has evolved from advising on the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), one of the first regulations addressing tax transparency, to a detailed technology solution dealing with an ever-growing number of new cross-border regulatory regimes, including the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Withholding Tax and other domestic reporting, US CH3/61, Mandatory Disclosure Rules – DAC 6 and tax crime.


All of EY CTORS managed services are underpinned by a suite of secure, connected, cloud-based technology solutions supporting each stage of the customer taxation lifecycle.



Collect and validate


Document validation technology which uses automation and optical character recognition to import and validate tax forms and self-certifications with standardized results and intuitive dashboards.

Identify, classify and monitor


Standard data model and repository that classifies accounts, manages changes in circumstance using our proven rules engine and maintains an electronic audit trail



Technology that generates and supports submission of required account holder reports to over 100 tax jurisdictions, providing accurate and timely filing compliance

Transparency and governance


Dashboard solution providing real-time consolidated status updates of services using underlying CTORS technology (eTFV/GTRS/CTDM)


Workflow tool supporting delivery on reporting services relating to FATCA, CRS and MDR


Control framework, including a comprehensive suite of tools to support certification and pre-emptively identify issues


Portal-based knowledge management and sharing which consolidates EY’s worldwide customer tax knowledge rules from 100 jurisdictions, and enables efficient distribution, traceability and Q&A functionality

Electronic Tax Form Validator (eTFV)

The eTFV helps enable your customers, investors and vendors to provide and validate tax information via a secure platform from anywhere in the world. The result is a significant reduction in the operational burden for multinationals, making it easier for individuals and business entities to transact internationally.

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