Financial services strategy consulting

Innovation is key to solving the tough challenges facing the financial services market today. Consolidation, shifting customer dynamics, sustainability needs and new digital capabilities are just some of the areas that demand attention now. EY-Parthenon financial services strategy consulting teams provide personal, actionable and transformative plans to help drive value-packed solutions.

What EY-Parthenon financial services strategy consulting teams can do for you

As the financial services industry transforms, EY-Parthenon financial service strategists see a unique opportunity to reset organizations for future success.

With global megatrends driving the changes, from climate change, the rise of Gen Z and tech innovation, we help design and deliver transformation strategies that work in the real world.

EY-Parthenon financial services strategy teams help financial services clients answer some of their toughest questions:

  • How do I pivot my business models through consolidation/direct models?
  • How do I adopt a digital asset strategy that provides the best chance to compete in the market?
  • How can I scale my (digital) business?
  • How can I expand my ecosystem?
  • How can I identify and manage strategic partnerships?
  • How can I align my ESG and business strategies to create long-term value?

With an eye toward competitive advantage, we support and unlock new value for clients through rigorous analysis, strategic advice and thorough implementation.

Our breadth of expertise and worldwide reach positions us to address key themes across the financial services industry, including long-term value creation, digital asset strategies, embedded finance, ecosystem-based models and sector convergence. As each sector has its unique challenges, EY-Parthenon financial services strategy teams have experienced professionals with specific expertise in:

EY-Parthenon financial service strategists are here to help. We will work with you to develop and implement a custom strategy for your financial services organization. Whether it’s creating an in-house venture capital arm, shifting your business model or partnering with others for mutual benefit, EY-Parthenon strategists will assist you through the entire process.

Change is an opportunity for growth. EY-Parthenon financial services strategy consulting teams can help your company envision a better future and help make it a reality.

EY-Parthenon financial services strategy consulting teams

Andre Veissid

EY-Parthenon Financial Services Organization Leader; Partner, Strategy & Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

Experienced strategy and management consultant to leading banks, wealth and asset managers, and FinTechs.

New York, USA

Muqtadar Ahmed

EY-Parthenon Senior Director, Strategy & Transactions, Financial Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Innovative leader and problem solver focused on financial services and emerging FinTech ecosystems. Dedicated to increasing value for all client stakeholders through organic and inorganic strategies.

Chicago, USA

Gaurav Joshi

EY – Parthenon, Wealth and Asset Management Leader; Partner, Strategy & Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

Student of history. Nederlandophile. Indoor runner trying to keep up with an energetic three-year-old pacemaker.

New York, USA

Martin Spit

Principal, EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young LLP US and EY Americas Insurance Strategy and Transactions Leader

Help clients think through complex issues of strategic change, bridging organic growth strategies and inorganic transaction advice.

New York, USA

Sara Elinson

EY Americas FinTech M&A Leader and EY Americas Payments M&A Leader, Ernst & Young Capital Advisors, LLC US Financial Technology Investment Banking, Senior Managing Director

FinTech strategist and ecosystem builder. Helping FinTech companies and incumbents advance digital financial services through investment, M&A and partnerships.

New York, USA

Nick Gardiner

Principal, Strategy and Transactions, EY-Parthenon Strategy, Ernst & Young LLP

Globally experienced advisor in strategy and M&A for financial institutions.

New York, USA

Steven Kauderer

Principal, EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young LLP

Leads by listening. Enjoys skiing, mountain biking and swimming. Big New York Yankees fan. Loves dogs.

Denver, USA

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