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As the world continues to change, developments in globalization, demographics and technology are requiring government organizations to reimagine the work experience. Key people themes that have emerged include motivating and supporting employees through changes in ways of working and rethinking rewards and recognition.

Only by prioritizing placing humans at the center can sustainable value be created.

According to the EY 2022 Workplace Reimagined Survey, only 30% of government and public sector employees are considering leaving their positions; however, just 34% feel like their wellbeing has increased with the post-pandemic new ways of working.

We have designed our services around organization, culture, people and workforce experience. We integrate EY capabilities and assets into issue-based capabilities.

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Putting humans at the center

For government organizations to successfully transform, it is critical to put humans at the center.

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Work Reimagined: The Future of Government and Public Sector Employment

Government need to be aware of perceptions regarding wellbeing, work expectations, new ways of working, and the use of artificial intelligence .

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Why union leadership is key to achieving organizational transformation

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How the public sector can prepare for AI in the workforce

AI in the workforce presents a tremendous opportunity for organizations to employ talent in ways they never have before.

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The ‘S’ in ESG: social sustainability strategy in higher education

Higher education institutions can realize impact and lead the sector by activating a social sustainability strategy

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How civil service transformation benefits public employees

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Government talent sourcing strategy and transforming workforces

A recent workforce transformation roundtable focused on recruitment and talent sourcing strategy, strategic workforce planning and employee upskilling.

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Boldly reinventing the public sector workforce

Accelerating digital government through empathetic human-centered transformation. Read more about boldly reinventing the public sector workforce.

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