Health Sciences and Wellness Strategy Consulting

EY-Parthenon Health and Wellness Strategy Consulting teams help develop and deliver growth, transaction, digital and value creation strategies. We help health and life sciences organizations build greater financial and operational resilience and technical agility, supporting their future growth within an ever-changing landscape.

What the EY-Parthenon Health Sciences and Wellness Strategy Consulting teams can do for you

As the Health Sciences and Wellness industry is transforming, EY-Parthenon Health Strategy Consulting teams can help you answer some of your most critical questions:

  • How should I refine my business strategy to meet evolving customer needs and the ever-changing health and wellness landscape?
  • How can I reinvent my operating model and go-to-market strategy?
  • How can I hone my organization’s strategy to strengthen its operational resilience?
  • How can I grow market share through investment in digital innovation? How can I leverage the ecosystem to scale my products and services?
  • What type of transaction or partnership will propel our organization’s growth and pair with consumer needs?
  • What is the right strategy, to buy, build or partner, and to solve the innovation deficit?

EY-Parthenon Health and Wellness strategy professionals can advise clients on developing growth strategies by providing broad market, competitor and customer insights. But a strategy alone is not enough: we also help organizations execute strategy through real operational change. We help them transform the vision into reality by leveraging strategic, financial and operational perspectives, based on deep sector experience and firmwide knowledge to help enable end-to-end execution.

EY-Parthenon Transaction Strategy teams help clients realize their full potential through fast-tracked, better-informed decisions across the entire deal lifecycle. We guide clients from M&A or divestment strategy, planning, transaction diligence and specialized health due diligence processes, through the integration or separation phases of a transaction — to build long-term value.

EY-Parthenon Turnaround Strategy teams can work with stakeholders to rapidly provide broad strategic, financial, operational, tax, turnaround and restructuring advice to help address business issues in critical and complex situations. From value creation to restructuring, we can help when health and life sciences organizations face financial or operational challenges.

Through Health and Wellness Strategy Consulting, EY-Parthenon teams help leaders design and deliver transformative strategies to build long-term value.

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