Finance, risk and actuarial change

In Insurance

In many companies, finance, risk and actuarial capabilities have developed in silos, with new processes and technology gradually added to meet evolving requirements for financial reporting and regulatory compliance. We help our clients in the vision, design and implementation of target operating models to integrate and align towards their key organizational needs.

What EY can do for you

Our team of 3,000+ finance professionals, actuaries, data and technology experts and project and change managers understand the dependencies and the end-state destination that can be tailored to work for each of your unique circumstances. 

We live and breathe finance and actuarial transformation and can bring that benefit to you through:

  • 50+ tools and accelerators developed: Our program accelerators, research and development / thought leadership, network of industry relationships and business insights gained from our peer company experience is unmatched.
  • Extensive finance and actuarial transformation experience: With over 15 years focusing on finance transformation and target operating model design, we are actively embracing new technology and our methodology using our integrated- multi disciplinary approach.
  • A recognized leader: With 18+ clients out of the top 20 insurers, EY’s actuarial practice is #1 among the Big Four with over 1,700 actuaries and over 15 transformation projects in the last 2 years.
  • Access to our extended team – we have over 200 professionals in the US focused on your issues and challenges with a priority of bringing the best advice and experience to you.

FRAC Solutions:

  • Governance & controls
  • Actuarial modeling & implementation
  • Finance and accounting transformation
  • Program execution and change management
  • Technology architecture and design

LDTI transformation

More than just an accounting change, US GAAP Long-Duration Targeted Improvements (LDTI) will force insurers to make changes across departments such as actuarial, finance, IT and more. 

Finance Transformation in insurance

EY teams help insurers transform finance functions to become active leaders and value creators for the entire business.

EY FRAC Accelerators

What is an accelerator?

Specifically selected collection of work products, frameworks and numerous tools designed to drive efficiency and productivity, improve quality and reduce project risk. By accessing our latest EY insights, solutions and client conversation tools, we can have more meaningful conversations with our clients to help shape their thinking.

Our latest thinking

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Actuarial data management and governance tools are quickly evolving, creating strategic opportunities for those who embrace new technology. Learn more.

US GAAP LDTI: considerations for the modeling actuary

The considerations for the modeling actuary are numerous as a compliance or modernization exercise. Read more.

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