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We collaborate with insurers on technology transformation programs and the deployment of digital tools. From concept to implementation, we work with you to develop strategies that optimize performance, drive efficiency and enhance quality.

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Fueled by FinTech investments and InsurTech startups, insurance has become a hotbed of digital innovation. In response, insurers must embrace change and rethink business models to move towards a compliant, secure and digitally-enabled operating model to enhance customer, employee, partner and other stakeholder experiences. New digital tools and capabilities help streamline new product development, digital experiences and the transformation of key functions — from marketing, distribution, underwriting and claims to finance and accounting.

Those who fully embrace digital transformation can achieve significant competitive advantages by meeting tomorrow’s customer needs — driving operational agility to respond to changing marketplace expectations. To succeed, insurers must understand what’s possible and take decisive action to deliver value now and ignite long-term growth.

We collaborate with insurers on both large-scale transformation programs and targeted deployments of digital tools and capabilities. Our specific offerings include:

Eight components of digital transformation

EY’s insurance team helps insurers develop the critical skills and capabilities they need to deliver improved performance today and sustainable innovation tomorrow.

Eight components of digital transformation

EY Nexus for Insurance

EY Nexus is a cloud-native platform offering access to the most advanced technologies in the insurance industry. Discover how EY Nexus can help insurers launch new products, new business models and even entirely new brands in 12 months or less.

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