Unlock profitability and productivity across the value chain with data-informed, technology-enabled and people-centric problem solving.

While oil and gas companies started their digital transformation and business transformation journeys several years ago, now they are at a critical tipping point: They must move beyond advancing singular technologies or proof of concepts to create scale and unlock true value across their organizations.

Ben Williams, EY Global Energy & Resources Digital Operations Leader, and Swapnil Bhadauria, EY Americas Oil & Gas Digital Operations Leader, examine the importance of data-informed, technology-enabled and people-centric problem solving across the full value chain.

Further, Ben and Swapnil discuss how oil and gas companies can transition from using technology such as cloud computing, analytics, modeling, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in disparate areas of the business, to creating enterprise-wide scale across all stages of exploration, production, processing and distribution, supply chain, back office and more.

Driving performance in oil and gas

EY teams help deliver financial, operational and sustainable outcomes across the value chain while building the future of energy.


Amid constant profitability and productivity pressures, digital and business transformation at scale is key to unlocking value in oil and gas.

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