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In a sustainable energy system, hydrogen can act as a large-scale and long-duration energy storage medium and as flexible energy generation.

Three questions to ask

  • What is the opportunity for hydrogen in the US, and why did you form the Open Hydrogen Initiative?
  • What is needed to propel hydrogen’s progress in the US energy system?
  • What role does carbon data play in developing and differentiating the hydrogen product?

Many governments, investors, industry groups and other organizations are now moving at a rapid pace to identify how best to invest in hydrogen. Amid this acceleration, Chris Angelides, Energy Managing Director, Ernst & Young LLP, and Zane McDonald, Executive Director, Open Hydrogen Initiative, sit down to discuss the energy source, its potential and how to reach it.

Driving performance in oil and gas

EY teams help deliver financial, operational and sustainable outcomes across the value chain while building the future of energy.


Navigating factors — from investments, to commercialization, to data on carbon intensity — will determine the pace by which the benefits of hydrogen will be realized.

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