Global economic outlook: How businesses can succeed amid elevated risk

In this webcast, we will examine ways corporates and private equity firms can build a proactive business strategy, focusing on building capital, talent resilience and secure supply chains. Advancing new technologies and sustainability are also key in uncertain global markets.

The global economy is experiencing a highly desynchronized recovery, leading to disjointed policy responses and significant financial market dislocations. Looking ahead, global economic activity will continue to cool, with risks weighed to the downside. The war in Ukraine, renewed lockdowns in China, and simultaneous monetary policy tightening across the US, UK, Europe and Latin America could lead to economic and financial market shocks. 

How can businesses succeed in a world of elevated economic uncertainty?

Topics discussed include:

  • The state of the global economy and the shocks affecting it
  • Strains on supply chains and the tight labor market
  • How companies can strategically adapt


CPE credits: 1.0


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