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Global economic outlook: Driving business amid an uncertain US election

In this webcast, panelists discuss the US election’s effect on the economy. Equip for global shifts, remain resilient, and seize growth opportunities.

Amid of one of the most unpredictable political climates in recent history, business leaders are faced with navigating the turbulence with foresight and dexterity. Business executives can prepare for global growth to moderate in 2024, while retaining the agility to strike when opportunities for long-term growth present themselves.

Whether it’s the impact of the US election or major geopolitical and global economic developments, you need your business to remain resilient and poised to capitalize on emerging prospects that could define your success for years to come. Register now.

Our panelists will discuss:

  • The outlook for the economy in 2024 and 2025 and how that may shape business investment decisions
  • The US election outlook and what that means for business leaders
  • The impact of geopolitical tensions on businesses and how business leaders can mitigate risks
  • Inflation, labor markets, and monetary and fiscal policy
  • Financial markets

This webcast will offer invaluable insights into:

  • Recognize current factors affecting the global economy and the US election outlook.
  • Identify likely future scenarios for the elections, inflation, growth, interest rates and geopolitical developments.
  • Determine how to build resilience into your business based on macroeconomic factors.



  • Amar Mehta, EY Americas Strategy and Transactions Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Leader, Ernst & Young LLP


CPE credits: 1.0
Total duration: 1 hour


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