How shall thee set the stage for growth?

Get the right script for growth to maximize shareholder return and enterprise value.

Put M&A strategy center stage

With technological disruption, changing consumer behavior, readily available financing and a post-COVID-19 economic boom, every organization faces the fast-moving challenge to pursue growth and business agility. But you need the right script to maximize enterprise value, one that includes M&A as part of your strategic ensemble.

Two households combined in a merger?

Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures can fuel growth.

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Diligence sets the scene for creating M&A value:

  • Identify the right target, at the right price, that fits your growth strategy and an evolving market
  • Determine how finance, tax, operations, technology, cybersecurity, talent and other value drivers may impact forecasts and purchase price
  • Quantify potential sources of synergy, especially for hard-to-value companies
  • Understand the implications of acquiring assets in other sectors and among startups

Mergers & acquisitions due diligence

M&A success starts with comprehensive diligence, including financial, tax, commercial, operational, IT and cyber due diligence. We help corporate and private equity clients identify important transaction value drivers, improve deal structures, mitigate risks and challenge assumptions about future performance.

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No need to fear integration with the right strategic advisors.

An integration management office (IMO) can facilitate operating model and function changes and communications.

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Stage directions for integration:

  • Develop the integration management office to prioritize and govern integration activities, including operating model development, organization design and synergy identification
  • Create a business case for achieving synergies includes the cost of achieving them, the level of effort and timing
  • Establish how the business will run when merged, define the target-state operating model and establish critical Day One goals to secure smooth transition
  • Align leaders and employees, and design impactful communications, to retain key talent and avoid a culture clash

Mergers and acquisitions integration services

We work with clients to integrate acquired assets that prevent value erosion, help accelerate synergy realization and minimize transaction risk.

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Reach new frontiers and optimize synergies.

We have the tools and technology to help you make better, faster decisions about scaling your business, entering new markets and achieving your strategic objectives.

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Cast of characters for success:

  • EY Embryonic is a powerful, cloud-based platform that brings ecosystems to life by mapping the flow of funds and M&A transactions and visualizing the relationships between traditional and innovative companies. EY Embryonic provides you with fast insights so you can make fact-based decisions on where to invest to transform your business.
  • EY Diligence Edge accelerates transaction diligence by providing an outside-in view of a target company and its competitors. It consolidates and analyzes a range of external information, including news, financial data and social media information.
  • EY Capital Edge is an agile platform supporting global collaboration in all aspects of the transaction life cycle. With over 30 apps to select, you have access all in one place to the latest and most powerful EY tools and transaction blueprints, as well as real-time analytics, to help break down communication silos, react quickly and drive value realization as you execute your transactions.

Connected Capital Technologies: Mergers and Acquisitions tools

EY teams offer a suite of M&A technologies designed to bring deeper analysis and faster insights throughout the transaction lifecycle.

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Divine thy strategy

Reframe thy future with mergers, acquisitions and new alliances

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How alternative M&A strategies can help deliver strong returns

M&A using disruptive and innovative alternative strategies may help results versus classic mergers and acquisitions, our research shows.

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How mergers and acquisitions can create value, defying M&A skeptics

An EY study shows frequent M&A can significantly improve growth in total shareholder return and enterprise value.

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Case Study: Ten essentials to running a remote M&A integration

EY helped execute a fully remote integration for a global transaction, spearheading the integration from deal announcement, to close and post-close.

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