Photographic portrait of Dr. Patrick J Moriarty
The ‘science’ of customer engagement requires the right mix of rigor, humanity and creativity. We are evaluating dynamic and evolving relationships, so our methods and insights must be the same.

Dr. Patrick J Moriarty

EY Americas Customer Analytics Advisory Leader

Consumer evangelist. Advanced analytics skills. Focused on why people make choices and how marketers help improve them. Sports-obsessed behavioralist. No time for wordy slides or the artificial world.

Patrick serves as a thought leader for delivering data-driven solutions and strategic insights to guide clients with digital enablement, marketing activation and customer engagement using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques. Additionally, he is leading the development of solutions for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing and customer programs to better understand commercial impact and return of investment (ROI).

How Patrick is building a better working world

“Patrick is building a better working world by seeking a better understanding for connecting consumers with brands, products and services that deliver delight. He is interested in consumer media experience, marketing strategies for connecting brands and customers, as well as developing innovative insight solutions for complex marketing issues.

Patrick is passionate about providing insights and directive strategies to guide marketers to better understand how consumers are using emerging media and how to implement measurement strategies to monitor and deliver growth. He understands that the marketers’ challenge is to both steward a brand’s development and appreciate that ownership resides with customers. Patrick believes that a dynamic marketing environment requires the ability to adapt measurement and evaluation methods in a sensible and actionable manner.”

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