Photographic portrait of Gunther Tillmann

Gunther Tillmann

EY EMEIA Financial Services Performance Improvement Finance Leader

Supports clients on their journey to digital finance. Helps implementing EY Now - Next - Beyond - Finance solution.

Gunther has been working within the Banking and Financial Services industry for over 20 years. As a Partner, Ernst & Young GmbH, he is responsible for transformational projects to help optimize the finance function, while focusing on the accounting and regulatory change requirements. 

He is leading the EY EMEIA FSO PI Finance competency and the Intelligent Automation as well as Digital Workforce Campaign in Germany.

He launched the FSO CFOspace in February 2018 as the new digital platform for EY Finance Services, facilitating projects such as Innovation Control, Digital boardroom, Intelligent Automation, Banks Integrated Reporting Dictionary, Distributed Ledgers, CFO onboarding, Interactive Technology Assessment and Roadmap Development.

How Gunther is building a better working world

“As part of the digital ecosystem, I am leveraging EY wavespace™ and CFOspace platforms to innovate and create solutions that support clients to build a better working world.”

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