Innovation in tax and trade requires a new decentralized approach that spans industry, government, and civil society. At EY, we care deeply about technology and the people making it happen.

John Robotham

EY Global Tax Innovation Technical Lead

Tax innovation technical leader. Distributed systems architect. Nature and outdoor enthusiast. Husband and father.

John Robotham is the EY Global technical lead for tax-related blockchain applications. John is building enterprise blockchain applications to transform and modernize cross-border tax and global trade business processes.

With over 30 years of experience bringing new software products to market, his areas of experience include blockchain, tax, health care IT and digital film/video.

John received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from MIT and an MBA degree with honors from MIT’s Sloan School.


How John is building a better working world


“As the technology leader for tax innovation, I have been privileged to work with global EY network  to design, develop and deploy systems that have demonstrated the feasibility of applying advanced technologies like decentralized ledgers and zero-knowledge-proofs to address long-standing challenges in cross-border taxation and trade. 

Coordinating and providing a multi-stakeholder demonstration and test of a blockchain-based global withholding tax system has shown me how industry and governments are open to cooperating on an unprecedented level to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.”

John's latest thinking

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