We operate in a vast digital landscape in which cyber risks are evolving, so we need to stay ahead of the curve with continuous innovation and technology infusion.

Maez De Guzman

EY Global Cybersecurity Managed Services Strategy and Go-to-market Leader

Top Women in Security and Women Who Inspire honorary. Passionate about tech and empowering women in cybersecurity. Proud mom and wife. Find me on the picturesque Philippines beaches with my corgis.

Maez leads the execution of the Global CMS strategy and Go-to-market enablement. She also leads the EY Cybersecurity Global Delivery center in the Philippines, supporting the firm’s major clients globally.

Maez is is actively serving as a global advisory board member of key cybersecurity product and alliance vendor partners, advising on how to further improve cybersecurity products and ecosystem. She has extensive experience in setting cybersecurity centers of excellence, driving technology initiatives, business transformations and large-scale threat detection and response operations.

As a Cybersecurity Talent Ambassador, Maez has always been actively participating and mentoring young cyber professionals, including hiring fresh talent to hone and grow their potential through the annual Cybersecurity cadetship program. She has been active in talks and webinars to share knowledge and career advice in local and international universities. 

How Maez is building a better working world

"Our team takes pride in serving some of the world’s most sought-after banks, financial institutions, conglomerates, and power and utilities companies, among others. Building a better, more secure world has a strong link to our purpose. Embedded in that purpose-driven mindset is a commitment to wellness and flexibility. I strive to affirm new ways of working and create a work environment that offers trust and inclusivity."

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