To gain a competitive edge in this rapidly changing technology environment, organizations need to keep an eye out for the disruptive innovations.

Mingyang Yang

Senior Consultant, Cloud and Emerging Technology, Ernst & Young LLP

Financial services-focused cloud transformation leader. Successfully delivered strategic solutions on cloud journeys. Embeds innovation in every product. Triathlete.

Mingyang is in the Cloud and Emerging Technology Consulting practice and has over seven years of experience. His responsibilities include supporting clients to transform their business problems through cloud architecture solutions.

His areas of focus include cloud migration of complex on-premises systems to cloud native applications and optimizing cloud services for performance enhancement and cost reduction.

Mingyang helps cloud and emerging technology organizations initiate and build thought leadership to share with the broader business community.

Mingyang has a BS in Finance and an MS in Information Systems with a concentration in Data Analytics and Information Security from Indiana University Bloomington.

How Mingyang is building a better working world

Mingyang is passionate about building a better working world through volunteering and mentoring younger generations. He has been a regular volunteer at local organizations practicing interviews with students. Mingyang enjoys helping fellow alumni and aspiring students find their dream job by going to campus recruiting events and information sessions and interacting with them. 

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